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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Lichtkogel ...

... is a high plateau in the middle of the Buchwald. This plateau with its size of approx. 25 m² is located 923m above sea level. The "Lichtkogel" is an ideal starting point for hiking trips  towards to Wörschach or even directly to the Spechtensee. The Lichtkogel is a place in Styria, a federal state of Austria

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The Spechtensee ...

 ... is a beautiful little lake on the southern edge of the Totes Gebirge ("dead mountains") mountains in Austria in the parish of Pürgg-Trautenfels near Wörschachwald at the Ennstal, belonging to the federal state of Styria. The lake is named after the Specht family who were formerly resident in Stainach and who lived on the so-called Specht Estate (Spechtengut, nowadays Schloss Sonnhof="Sonnhof Manor House") until the end of the 19th century.

The Spechtensee during the winter seasson